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Legal information 

The website may collect personal information for comercial purpose. This information is mandatory to validate purchases, establish bills and ensure guaranty of service. In concordance with the french law  « Informatique et Libertés », the treatment of personal information has been declared to  the  Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).  The customers is granted (article 34 de la loi du 6 janvier 1978)  of a access right,  modify or delete right on all datas about them, which can be fulfilled by writing to e : Smartline Systems – 54, rue Greneta – 75002 PARIS.
The  Smartline Systems company commits not to communicate his clients data to any third party , for free or any fee.

Privacy policy

We are fully committed in RGPD compliancy

We thank you to use or websites and services !

Like you do, we strongly believe that personal privacy is important and we take it very seriously . This privacy policy applies to any individual sharing its personal data , directly or indirectly , with SMARTLINE SYSTEMS by visisting our websites or by using or services including  GetQuanty or

SMARTLINE SYSTEMS is a french company, and as such, we commit to the french legislation  on personal data protection (1998: 204) which itself is in concordance with european data protection law  95/46/EC.

Our headquarters is located at  54 rue Greneta 75002 Paris . Don’t hesitate to share your feedbacks  or concenrs with us about data protection  :

In this privacy policy, we explain what kind of personal datas might be colected, treated and for what finality. We also explain how you can interfere with our data treatments and how you can take control of the data concerning you.


Please note that this privacy policy covers the treatment of personal data r que cette charte de from which SMARTLINE SYSTEMS is responsible for treatment, ie in all cases where  SMARTLINE SYSTEMS has decided the finality and means of treatment for its own use.

It doesn’t apply for treatments that  SMARTLINE SYSTEMS would take as subcontractor for your use of our services .

To obtain more information about how our services can be used to facilitate your own persona data treatment, and about SMARTLINE SYSTEMS commitments and responsability in this particular context, please refer to our general conditions


personal data refer to data that identify you as as physical person. We may be leaded to collect and  different personal data about you

• Your personal contacts data like your name,title,  email address or telephone numbers
• User information like for exemple when you log into our services or browser our website. These information can include  IP address, kind of device or browser your use, geolocation, timezone, and centers of interests depending on the way you interact with our services, the pages you visited, or buttons you clicked , etc.. 
• Other information we  get access to through your contacts


We treat your personal data for given finalities :

• Provide our services in concordant with agreed conditions
• Manage the business relationship with you as customer of SMARTLINE SYSTEMS that you represent
• Personalize, fevelop and improve our services

And to provide information and offers to our existing or potential customers of SMARTLINE SYSTEMS through selected partners. To make it clear, every marketing material that is distributed to you thanks to your personal data is sent to you as a professional representative of an existing or potential customer of  SMARTLINE SYSTEMS and not to you as a private person.


We may need to share personal data with their party companies for the purpose explained above. TO make it clear, we will never allow third party companies to use any personal data shared with them to make direct marketing as a private person, but only as a representative of your company , customer of potential customer of SMARTLINE SYSTEMS or its clients.

We may need to export personal data outside of the UE but in that cas we need your consent or make sure that the transfer complies with legal and security rules as stated in the GDPR .

Please have in mind that this privacy policy does not apply for any data treatment for which you are the responsible of treatment when using our services. You or the party you represent keep the liability of your own  personal data treatment and must conform to the applicable law.


It is our obligation and commitment  to treat your personal data only for precise , controlled and legitimate reasons.It is your right to control us.

To update personal data we may have treated about you ,please contact us at To receive for free an extract of the personal data we treat about you , please send a signed letter to  SMARTLINE SYSTEMS postal address .


You have the right to permanently have your data deleted as stated in the GDPR that you can obtain by writing us to, in this case we will delete all personal data about you.

You also have the possibility to delte all historical data stored on you local devices and browser when browsing our services or digital content containing or pixel tracking (banner, email, social shares). To achieved that you simpliy need to click on that link :

Intelectual Property

Legal notes  : © 2010 – 2020 Smartline Systems. All rights reserved. The website Getquanty, its graphical design , sa conception, content, texts in accordance with the intelectual property law are the strict property of Smartline Systems. Any reproduction of any content of  the website, in full or in parts, is forbidden without the prior written consent of eSmartline Systems. All products, logos,trademarks belong to their owners.

Images and photographies on the  getquanty webite are not contractuel. Some icons and images on the website are made/designed by Freepik and some come from

Legal mentions  :

Company identification
Immatriculation au RCS, numéro : 480 405 687 R.C.S. Paris
Immatriculation : 19/01/2005
Juriical Form : Société par actions simplifiées (SAS)
Social  : 430 840,00 EUROS
Headquarter Address : 54 Rue Greneta, 75002 Paris
Shared domiciliation
Name of domiciliation service : 2ASI
Immatriculation au RCS, bv : 403 415 789
duration of registration :  19/01/2104
Fiscal year cut-off  : 30 paril
Activity and localisation
Address: 54 Rue Greneta, 75002 Paris
Commercial Name  : GetQuanty
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